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…shot at American Steel in Oakland, and funded entirely by our successful Indiegogo campaign, doing a project of this caliber has been an incredible adventure, creatively and professionally. at its inception, i knew this video would involve pushing my own boundaries in every possible way–physically, mentally, musically, and theatrically–and it did all of those things. it also involved a beautifully seamless collaboration of artists (from cinematographer Satsuki Murishage to producer Dimitri Moore to rope artist Kanso of Bondage Erotique). it was a highly personal project for me as well, as the song is one about surfing emotional edges, facing one’s deepest fears, and struggling to break free of the ways we hem ourselves in and keep ourselves bound, trapped, or quieted. it’s a song that revels in finally finding the space to live one’s life as fully as possible.

to that end, my goal is now to use this video to further my music career and to get another independent musician’s voice out into the world. ultimately, my deepest passions–those concerning the way humans treat themselves, one another, other animals, and the planet–fuel my desire to make music, to be open and vulnerable, to connect with humans through song, and to give all that i am, as one tiny molecule, to this world that is always in need of more empathy.

please share and “like” the “Timebomb” video, and get the brand new release of the “Timebomb” single  , produced by the awesome David Earl!

still want more? Timebomb video footage stills!

…in other Drea.M news: David Earl and i are working on my second album right now–an EP of songs whose tendrils have wrapped around my heart, and the result of a true collaboration that is enabling me to release these songs as worlds in and of themselves. this is brand new stuff, folks, and a whole new sound, so don’t miss out! the EP will be out in September, and i’ll be doing a California-to-Pacific Northwest tour to share it with you all…make sure you subscribe to Drea.M to stay on top of Bay Area shows, current projects, new merch, and more!


…recording surrender felt like the ultimate risk, a sudden deep-dive off a cliff whose edge i had been perched on for years, peeking over into gorgeously terrifying waters that i thought i would never touch. there was no time to question myself, and no time to serve my perfectionistic demons….and though there were deeply challenging moments of decision-making during the process, recording an album in such an organic way enabled me to embrace my favorite letting-go motto: fuck it….read more….

and now?  with new songs to be released in a long, lusty wave over the course of 2014-2015, this next project is a great unknown in the best of ways, allowing me to foray into musical realms i have never before gone.  i am honored to share these new lil’ creatures—manifestations of the underbelly of the everyday—with you, cuz no matter who you are, or who i am, life is one thing for all of us:  crazy unpredictable, with moments of crystalline inspiration when we’re not searching too hard. and on that note, i am thrilled to share two new releases. the first, ”Before the Water Comes,“  was recorded with local cellist Alex Kelly, and will be featured in my first professional video, to be released this fall! you can check out the song right here!  the second song, “Timebomb,” has just been released, and reflects the direction i have been envisioning taking my music for quite some time now, and which i have been so lucky to venture into with local producer and engineer extraordinaire, David Earl.  check it out!  it’s different, it’s new, and it has a heart of its own.

<3 n’ beats…